Have you ever gotten a weird feeling from something in the thrift store? I’m not talking about the weird clown paintings. Do you think items can negative energy? Some people swear they own haunted items. Many cultures won’t even buy used items. They only buy new. They want to have good feng shui. Feng shui is a way of decorating a room to have the best flow and energy.

you may have noticed people selling haunted items online. This is a common thing around Halloween. Some people are just faking it to get a bigger profit. You get fed a bogus haunted house story. This hooks buyers into thinking it is legit.  I guess it can be a good business because there is a sucker born every minute.

Sometimes I find myself being moved by an object. Usually it is an older military object. But I think they may just be from watching war documentaries. I think it may be the sadness I feel thinking about what people went through. Whenever I go to the National Air Force Museum, I get overwhelmed with emotion inside. Now that is a place that has some ghost stories. One plane is even displayed as haunted. It had crashed and then parts of the plane were reused in others. Those other planes also crashed. It’s hard not believe when you read a ghost story like that.

Other times I see mid century items and they make me think about life back then and how it is so different than today. They are completely different worlds. Plus it makes me wonder how my ancestors lived during those times. I think that’s just because I’m a history buff. I do find that I think about the unknown past a lot. It takes away time from my present. So I have tried to stop browsing in thrift stores. I stick to the mission of finding profitable items to resell.

So what’s your opinion on haunted items? Do you think there can be bad energy attached to those antiques? Or is it that we’ve seen too many scary movies? Write in a comment below.

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