In this video I explain the rules about Case Packs. Some people are giving bad advice about Amazon FBA shipping. They will put items that are the same SKU into a box and claim that it’s a case pack. They do this so that their items won’t get split up into different shipments. This means they may not have as many shipping fees.

The problem is that you are only allowed to send in original manufacture case packs. You can create your own. This is clearly stated in Amazon’s policies. So many people learn Amazon FBA shipping info from various Facebook groups or YouTubers with only a couple months of experience. So they are unknowingly breaking the rules.

Now Amazon isn’t currently cracking down on this. I think they will though once they realize how many people are breaking it. Homemade case packs are going to look a lot different then the manufacture ones. So you will stick out like a sore thumb unless you get your hands on the original manufacture boxes.

My advice is to wait until you have a sizable amount of inventory. This way you won’t have to pay so much shipping per unit. This is unless you are buying from retail with low margins. Get those items in as fast as possible. You don’t want to lose your profit margin by worrying about a small shipping fee.

When you get a manufacture case pack make sure you label each item inside with your item labels. Otherwise you would have to do commingled inventory or pay to have Amazon’s workers prep the items. Just make sure that you put the items back in they way they were. Most case packs fit snugly.

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