Have you ever been inside a Goodwill outlet store? They are very different then the normal thrift stores. In this place you search through bins of items. This is the last stop for these items. If nobody buys them, then they will either be recycled or thrown out. You will find a lot of broken items in the bins. These can be bought for parts or scrap. Selling replacement parts online is a good way to fill in empty spots in your store. They are long tail items which means they may not be a fast sell. But things are so cheap at these outlet stores that you can do this for little investment.

There are some things you need to bring with you to the Goodwill outlet store. You will need gloves. these will protect you from getting cut on the broken items in the bins. It’s best to use leather gloves as they are tougher than cloth. Next you will want to put your money in your pocket. People can get confused about your purse and mistake it for something they found in the store.

One problem with these stores are that people can get really pushy. You are basically fighting for the good items in the bins. People go crazy digging through the bins way to fast. Sometimes the managers let people through books around. You really have to be careful when you shop here. The reason I stopped going is that I wasn’t finding enough items to justify spending my time there. The good items were snatched up quickly. There are many people who spend the whole day at the outlet store hoping to score big the next time bins are put out.

You need to make sure you are making enough money to be sitting in these stores all day. If you find nothing  that you can use yourself, then why would you stay inside all day? Sure you can make some friends but at some point it starts to feel like a job. There’s no need to be tied down to one store. So I recommend visiting a Goodwill outlet store. Just be careful you don’t get too attached to the treasure hunting.

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