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Here the products and services that I personally recommend for my various online businesses. If you have any questions about something I haven’t covered on this page, please feel free to ask.

Please note: that there are referral and affiliate links below where I may be compensated if you choose to buy through them. This is at no extra cost to you. This helps support my mission to educate others and keep this website running. Thank you for your support!

Building Websites

Web Hosting: Bluehost is the company I have always trusted with my websites. Shared hosting is really inexpensive and you can easily install WordPress and have a website for your business. You can easily add WooCommerce to turn it into an eCommerce site to sell your items both physical and digital. Plus you can put as many websites as you want on  Bluehost’s shared hosting.

WordPress Theme: I use the Avada theme. It is one of the most used themes for those you are creating a store site to sell their goods from. I bought this theme because I had spent way too much time trying to use code with a free theme. When I installed Avada there were so many ways to customize the site and I also was able to remove some plugins that I no longer needed because the Avada theme had it included.

WooCommerce: This is the free plugin that I use to sell stuff on my website. As long as you have a PayPal account you won’t need to pay for any add-ons. WooThemes also have some free WordPress themes to get you started.

Shopify /Amazon Webstore: If you are not comfortable using WordPress and hosting, you can choose services like Shopify and Amazon Webstore. They will host the website and make it easier for you to get setup with an eCommerce site. If you use Amazon Webstore you can have your FBA account attached directly to your site. Shopify will let you sell items right from your Facebook page too.

Tax Software

Amazon FBA Nexus Taxes: TaxJar will tell you exactly how much sales tax you need to collect to be legal with the Amazon FBA Nexus laws. They can also file your taxes for you. They are a tiered pay system so you could pay as little as $9.99 a month to protect yourself from an audit with TaxJar’s software.

Amazon FBA

Listtee / Scanpower: If you are selling a lot of different types of products you will want to speed up your processing by subscribing to listing software. This way you scan the item, price it, describe it, print a label, and then list it faster. It really saves a heck of a lot time. When you’re tired of printing out sheets of labels consider Listtee or Scanpower.

Scanning Apps: The most important tool you need is a scanning app. This way you can research an item to see how much money you can make off of it. I have been using Profit Bandit for years. It’s only $9.99 a month. Scanpower is another scanning app I have used in the past. Now Amazon has it’s own app called Amazon Seller which you can use to start out with if you’re not ready to pay for a better one.

Seller Supplies: I’ve made a page of the things you will need to start selling on Amazon. Anything you add to the cart can be transferred to Amazon for purchase. Here is the Reselling Supplies page.


Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone is what I use. It has many settings and is my go-to mic when I’m in Google Hangouts, doing voice overs, or recording my ukulele. It picks up my voice so much better than a headset.

Tripod Phone Adapter: I use my phone to record and use a Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount. It’s very sturdy and I don’t worry about my phone falling out at all. This way you can use any tripod with your phone to make your videos look more professional.

Screencast-O-Matic: This is the software I use to do screen capture on all of my videos. You can use the free version with a watermark or pay a small amount to remove it.