How to Make Closed Captions YouTube

How to make closed captions YouTube. To make captions for your video you have on YouTube it’s really easy. Having a transcript for your video will help it get more views. this is because Google will have more words to index which let’s them know what you are talking about in your video. Of course you can write detailed descriptions and titles, but adding closed captions will give the best description of your video content.

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Package Weight Calculator

I thought I would start sharing the tools I use with my reselling business. There are some items that you have to have to be successful. One of those items is my package weight calculator or shipping scale. It goes up to 330 pounds although I’ve never tested that number! I bought this scale because I was shipping heavier boxes and was tired of dragging those heavy packages to the UPS store. I like to use UPS pickups which means I have to have postage on my boxes.

The Shipping Scale I Use

How to Spot Fake TOMS Shoes

You need to know How to Spot Fake TOMS Shoes if you plan on buying them from eBay. There are many counterfeit TOMS on eBay. You can easily get duped if you are not careful. The best way to get genuine TOMS is to Buy Them on Amazon. There you will get the real shoe because only certified sellers are allowed to sell shoes and clothes on Amazon. But if you still want to risk it, watch the video I made on how to know if your TOMS are fake.

Do You Have Fake TOMS?

Free eBook Cover Maker

There are free eBook cover makers. The one I use is My eCover Creator. You can press “Start Here” and see that the very top designs are free to ake and download. There are other designs if you want to pay for the $5 download. You could also subscribe if you plan on writing a lot within the month. I just stick with the free options when I created my very first eBook “Canada Goose Control”. Don’t laugh too hard! I had wanted to make an eBook for a long time to try and make residual income. But I’m a perfectionist so I wanted the first one to be successful. So I ended up procrastinating for months. I finally just realized that I could make a crappy eBook just to figure out how Clickbank worked and how to make a squeeze page with WordPress.

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Make Money Online Now From Home

Make Money Online Now From Home with these methods. Here are 3 ways to use your internet connection right now and invest your money to make make cash. Domain flipping is a great way to invest your money because you can hand register domain names “” and sell them to make a huge profit. The profit margins are huge as most geo domains sell for about $250 or more. The only draw back is that it’s hard to put a value on these online properties. These generic TLDs are worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them. This means it may take awhile to reap the big payday.

Make Money Online Now

Stock Market Movie Films

Here is a list of the most popular Stock Market Movies. These films have traders in them that either make money or lose it all on Wall Street. Some of the videos may be old but they are worth watching if you are in business and want to watch an entertaining drama. I’ve seen all of these and would personally recommend them. You’ll notice the popular movies but hopefully you will find a DVD that you haven’t seen yet. these can be very motivating if you are just starting out in a small business. Watching these will help you keep your mind on your money, and money on your mind.

Stock Market Film List

The Game of Life Twists and Turns

The Game of Life Twists and Turns is a discontinued board game from Hasbro. Because it is no longer in production, it’s price has risen and it has a high resale value even if it is in used condition. The reason people are willing to pay the money to buy this family game is because it help children learn the value of money. The game explains the different paths a person can take in life.

Electronic Game of Life…

Backjoy Core Plus

Backjoy Core Plus is the name of a portable posture fixer. It is very lightweight but is sturdy enough to help align the spine. This item has a high resell value even if they are used. You can see by looking on eBay that these posture correctors sell quickly. Even the gray versions sell well. Most thrift stores don’t know what they have so they price it lower than they should. Backjoy

Indian Clubs

Keep an eye out for Indian clubs because they sell well on eBay. People still use these to help exercise their shoulders. The antique ones will bring good money. If you find a pair that’s even better. Wooden dumbbells also are collector items. Usually there is a wood section of thrift stores that I normally skip over but I do make sure to check for these items every time I shop.

Indian club prices

Craigslist Phone Number

UPDATE: Unfortunately Google Voice is no more.

There are many Craigslist Phone Number scams. Here is how to avoid them! Google Voice allows you to create a Free Phone Number. You have to have a Google Account which is free and then you have to type in your location. You will get a list of phone numbers that are available. You get to choose your phone number which is great if you are running a business and want a number that people will remember.

Craigslist Phone Number Benefits

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